Jun 8 2020

We Do Not Stand with Glassman

Over the weekend, CrossFit founder and Chairman Greg Glassman made a series of racist and insensitive comments. MTM condems these statements in the strongest terms. We've always strived to be a place fitness and opportunity for ALL people regardless of Race, Religion, Orientation, Political Affiliation, and Back Ground.

MTM discontinued our affiliation almost a year ago and MTMFit was born. There wasn't a ton of fanfare about it, there's still some CrossFit branding around, and I still consider myself personally a CrossFitter.

But, as a gym we've far outgrown the official CrossFit HQ company. For years they've been saying one thing while actively doing the opposite - most recently "we're supporting the affiliates" followed immediately by "it's your own business so we can't really help you."

The history of Glassman making radical and unjusitifed statements is long. Unfortunately, he's been mostly surrounded by star-struck fans who've attached their financial livilihood's to his success. When people did push back, even gently, they were fired or de-affiliated - often times while Glassman hid behind lawyers. (Research "Black Box Summit" and "CrossFit Kids Unbullyable" for examples dating back to 2009).

For these and other reasons - we officially left CrossFit, a long time ago. Given the recent turn of events, I'm more confident than ever in my decision.

We will continue, as we have been since we opened, to focus on providing great workouts for our amazing and inclusive community. And it seems like we're going to have a lot of other gyms world-wide joining us as Former Affiliates.


10 OTM 5 Back Squats 60%



6 Push Ups

12 KBS (1.5/1p)

24 Lunges

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