Jul 2 2020

Another great week is spiralling to a close!

It's been hot and humid this week - and that's good! Here's the thing:

Variability and consistency are at odds in the fitness world. The more you do the same thing the less effective it becomes as you adapt to it, too much consistency. But also, if you have too much variability in your training you won't get enough stimulus to make meaningful change.

Most people think about this in simple terms: If I only do thrusters I'll improve for a while and then stop improving as I hit a plateau. True enough.

But to really get the big picture you have to zoom out. Not just the movements but the number of reps - and the number of sets - and the amount of rest you take between sets and between the workouts themselves. And what did you eat before and after those workouts, and not just any thruster workout but what did you eat before and after a heavy vs. a light thruster workout?

And this brings us back to: It's been hot and humid in the gym this week! At first glance it seems like your performance sucks! You can't catch your breath, it can be miserable, and your scores often suffer. And sure, in the short term, that's all true.

These hot and humid and tough days are actually a CRUICIAL part of improving holistically. We need the variance of the environment we work out in. Otherwise we miss tapping into an important part of our evolution - if humans couldn't work in hot temperatures we wouldn't live where they are too hot (in fact we wouldn't have survived at all since research suggests that chasing animals in hot weather till they literally collapsed from heat exhaustion is how early humans hunted).

Yes it sucks, yes it is important, and no you won't see the results immediately on the whiteboard.

Also, working out every single day in this type of heat??? That would take the variance too far the other direction and you'd stop improving the same way that working out in air conditioning every single day would make you miss out on these valuable heat-shock proteins.

--ENJOY! and maybe bring a sweat towel if you want--


10 Min to Establish 1RM Overhead - Anyway

**From the Front Rack **Push Press / Push Jerk / Split Jerk / Squat Jerk - Whatver you want!


"This is Bullshit"

100m Row

10->1 KBS

- Then -

100m Row

10->1 WallBalls

**Happy Birthday Bruce - Titled after his favorite WOD description**

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