Jul 16 2020

We've had it all this week! Hot, cool, up and down. But something you should start thinking about is working out in a mask. They're not mandatory yet but I strongly suspect they will become so in the next couple weeks.

Based on what we've seen from some local ordinances there will be minor financial fines for individuals - and MAJOR fines for businesses. Cleveland is issuing a $3000 fine for businesses that are not in compliance.

Agree or disagree, it's likely to be the law soon. Based on the lawsuits during the lockdown it'll take 4-6wks before the courts make a ruling - so it's going to be law for at least a while. And understandably a couple of those fines for any small business will simply close the place for good.

Now isn't the time to debate it, you can do that on facebook or whatever. Now is the time to get a little head start figuring out what type of mask you'll be most comfortable working out in. Personally I've tried a couple different types and stretchy Neck Gaiters seem to work the best. Uncomfortable at times but so is most of what we do. Disposable blue medical sytle masks are probably the worst to workout in, in my experience so far.

If you've got a mask you like, feel free to give it a try during a WOD. Maybe buy a couple different types to give them a try over the next week or so. Most importantly, it's time to be prepared instead of complaining.

We aren't requiring masks yet, though I'll be wearing one to start getting use to it. As you all know, we've been putting a lot of thought and work into making MTM a safe place to work out. We're going to continue following the rules and laws put in place by our elected officials.

KB Lifting

10 OTM 5 KB Deadlifts 4 Taters 10 Halos



10+10 Double Unders

8 Burpees

8 T2B

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