Aug 18 2020

How do you attack a workout? Lots of us think about what it is, how much we can do, and then game it out to get the best score...


Commit to giving each workout what I call Partial Reckless Abandon. You don't need to sprint the start and die off 3 Min in for every workout. But you also can't just jog your way through it. You've got to find a middle ground and go for it.

Every workout should have a couple of moments that you think could be your last! Especially if there's a movement you've been trying to improve on - you've got to push past your comfort

- with unbroken Reps

- with Weight

- with your Cardio

We improve by pushing the edges of our ability. Even if that makes your WOD a little slower, in the long run you'll get better and better.

5 OTM 10 burpees - then - 5 OTM 10 KBS (1.5/1p) 10 Strict SA KB Presses



100m Run

2+2 Power Cleans & Push Jerk (135/95)



100m Run

2+2 Ring Dips

2+2 Ring Rows

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