End of an Era

After 10yrs of running MTM I’ve decided that it’s time for me to move on in my career. We will be Closing in one Month. July 16 will be our last day.

I greatly appreciate the hard work and effort you’ve all put into your fitness. It’s been an honor to work with all of you these many years. I’m sure many of you will be sad or surprised and will have questions and concerns, don’t worry - I’ve chosen a month lead time so that we’ve got plenty of time to talk it out. It’s important to me that everyone has a plan moving forward so you can keep making progress and enjoying working out.

We will be having one big final Holiday Hero WOD on July 5th.


- We’ll be pro-rating memberships by week automatically so that you’ll only be charged thru the 16th.

- WODs and times will remain the same, but don’t expect too many easy days.

- Members will get first dibs on equipment sales at great prices.

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