Feb 16 2021

Don't build pitfalls for yourself.

The hardest thing we do is being honest with ourselves. We're hardwired not to for some really basic and good survival reasons. But it's one of the things that keeps us from making progress.

To that effect - stop making your life harder by lying to yourself!

Here's how it usually goes:

- We accept that lack of self-control is "bad"

- Bc we're doing our best we rely on self-control

- We keep foods available that aren't on our nutritional plans

- We screw up and indulge.

Has that ever happened to you? Sure it has and where was the critical mistake?

In accepting that you even SHOULD have self-control. If you do, cool that's good for you. But if you don't then just accept it as part of you and make adjustments accordingly.

Next time you find yourself off you path, when you have a moment, ask "how'd this happen?" Chances are that you setup your own derailment days or weeks ago. Figure out where and how and make a change to that system.

- Find yourself always eating something you shouldn't? Remove those items from the house so you can't.

- You don't want to make different meals for your kids and spouse? Why are you having them eat things you wouldn't when you're working to be healthy? You're cool with them eating NOT healthy?

- You always get hungry at the end of the day? Go brush your teeth then look at how much sugar you're having at the end of the day.

And it's not just nutrition related of course.

- Find yourself out of work out clothes, thus you can't go to the gym, more than once a month? Buy more and wash more.

- Too sore to workout? Do more recovery work...since you're probably doing none.

Bottom line: it's easy to sabotage yourself by expecting yourself to live up to norms that don't fit your life of maybe anyone's life. STOP DOING IT.


5 Rounds

200m Row

10 Burpees





Box Jumps

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