Nov 18 2020

Winter is coming. It's time to button down and make it happen.

Couple things about a shutdown:

If we get shutdown again, we'll be lending equipment and doing zoom workouts. I'll be building a mobility component (which is happening with or without a shutdown) as extra work to be done outside of the gym.

Finally, we'll be talking about nutrition and mental health - nutrition more directly as it relates to the our fitness goals and mental health in a more broad context but beyond cliched memes.

Obviously we'll release more details when we know what we're in for. As for now, if the 10pm-5am curfew effects your life... you need to take a step back and ask yourself if the 23hrs outside the gym are ruining the hard work you put into the gym.

Warm Up Lifts

3 Rounds

20 LM Circuit

20 Hollow Rocks

10 Mtn Climbers


10 Rounds


6 Pull Ups

8 Push Ups

10 Air Squats

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