Quarantine Life

So you've gone and got yourself exposed to COVID and you're stuck at home, that sucks. Below are the gym guidelines to return and 10 Days worth of Home Workouts to keep you moving.

Gym Guidelines:

When you can't come to the gym:

- You spent 15min or more maskless with someone who tests positive within 3 days of that meeting (ie: dinner or spending time at someone's home or a bar or you go on a long maskless walk with them. They test Monday and you see them Wednesday and they're results are Positive Thursday...yup, you need to quarantine.)

- You get a test but don't have the results yet. The only reason TO test is bc you think you might be positive...let's stay out of the gym till we know for sure.

- You have a positive test.

- You have symptoms and think you're sick, COVID or otherwise flu like.

When you can come back:

From Exposure: 7 Days after being exposed to someone if you're feeling ok.

From Positive Test: 10 Days after your positive test and with a negative test.


Day 1

5 Rounds

10 Burpees

15 Sit Ups

20 Air Squats

Day 2


30 Push Ups

30 V- Ups

30 Lunges

Day 3


Mountain Climbers

Double Unders (2x Singles)

Day 4



Box Jumps

- then -


Thrusters (Plate, DB, Backpack, 20-45lb Load)


Day 5


50 Jumping Jacks

50 Cross Crawls

25 Dips

25 Ground to Overhead

Day 6

3 Rounds

20 Burpees

15 Split Squats (each side with Load)

5 Wall Climbs

Day 7

2 Rounds

100 Air Squats

75 Sit Ups

50 Double Unders

Day 8


7 Ground to Overhead (Touch and Go as heavy as you can or have)

14 dips

21 Weighted Step Ups

Day 9

Not For Time

3 Rounds

20 SA DB Upright Rows (each)

20 SA DB Bent Over Rows (each)

20 Kneeling SA Press (each)

20 Curls (each)

Day 10


100 Single Jump Ropes

50 Lunges

25 Burpees

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