"are you a fit for the challenge?"

--Starting Sept 4--

Most people think they have to spend hours in the gym to get the body they want...

That's just not true!  

The problem is that they just don't know WHAT to do and HOW to start...  

Spark! 6 Week Challenge is the answer!  We're taking 10 people and 10 people only into our challenge class to learn how to get the results you want - in just 3 one hour classes a week.

Are you a good fit?

  • Are you nervous when you walk into a gym and unsure what to do once you get there?

  • Are you motivated to make a change?

  • Is NOW your time?

  • Can you commit to 3 days a week for 6 weeks?

  • Can you give 100% effort?

  • Is less than $15/workout too much to change your life?

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Before and After the 6 Weeks - Then continuing with our Group MTMFIT Classes

Before and After the 6 Weeks - Then continuing with our Group MTMFIT Classes


Hi, I'm Dave MacDonald (dmac), owner of MTMFit and creator of the Spark! 6 Week Challenge.

Over 8 years ago I set out to help regular people improve their lives through tough and challenging workouts.  I started as a CrossFit guy before that stuff was trendy but I realized that CrossFit training has it's limitations. 

And that's why I developed MTMFit and Spark!

We can take anyone from absolute zero to safely completing MTM Workouts - as long as you're willing to show up and keep an open mind!

❗️Make Things Happen❗️ Erika started wit

After finishing up her 6 Wks Erika dragged her husband Josh to our Group Classes.  Now together they're down over 100lbs!