Jan 30 2020

Time to ratchet it down and focus on you. Focus on your Why. Find your path and forge ahead. Let nothing and no one deter you. Training. Nutrition. Work. Life. Effort. Take control and win. Lift 10RM Bench Press WOD 100 Squat Clean Thrusters (45/35) - 100 Push Ups 100 V-Ups 100 KB Snatches (1.5/1p)

Jan 29 2020

Consistency and Effort are the only two things you need to get where you want to go. Not a shiny pill or a new tool. Not a different method or a new fad diet. Consistency and Effort. 12 OTM 2 Power Cleans + 4 Push Jerks (Increasing) 8 Box Jumps (30/24) WOD 12 AMRAP 6 Hang Power Snatches (135/95) 12 Pull Ups 24 DB Box Step Ups (50/35)

Jan 28 2020

Have you ever really pushed yourself in a workout? Do you look at the reps and the weight and think "I'll do 20lbs less and break it up in 3 sets so that I can get a better time"? That's all well and good but you should take a workout soon and go ALL OUT. Generally this is a mistake, and it's going to feel like a mistake, but it's a good learning experience. Shut your mind off, don't try to game it, just go as HARD AS YOU CAN till you simply can't go anymore. Even if you've gone over the edge before...How do you know that's your current edge? What we did a year ago or two years or three years ago isn't representative of what we can do now. We might be better or worse. It's time to find

Jan 27 2020

Welcome to a new week! Back Squats 1x5 65-70-75 1x3 75-80-85 1x1 85-90-95 WOD "Nasty Girls" 3 rounds for time of: • 50 Squats • 7 Muscle-ups • 135 lb Hang power cleans, 10 reps

Jan 24 2020

Keep it up, the weekend is here! WOD 20 AMRAP - Teams of 2 500m Row 10 Power Snatches (165/105) 20 C2B Pull Ups 30 Back Squats (165/105)

Jan 23 2020

The week has been turning it up. You've been giving a great effort. Today, though, is THAT day. It's time to really push towards the weekend. Just 2 days left to make this the best week of your year! Lift 3RM Bench Press Acc Work 3 Rounds 12 DB Chest Flys 10 BB Rows 8 Strict Wide Grip Pull Ups 6 Slam Balls WOD 4 Rounds 100 Single Jumps 15 Thrusters (95/65) 10 Burpee Box Overs (24/20)

Jan 22 2020

Peak of the week! Here we go! WOD 30 AMRAP 1 Deadlift (275/185) 2 HSPU 4 Lunges 5 WB Sit Ups (20/14) **Add the starting Rep each Round**

Jan 21 2020

Great work on yesterday's WOD. It doesn't always have to be fancy to hurt and get results! 12 OTM - Alternating - 12/10 Cal Row - 10 T2B - 15 Push Ups WOD Open 11.3 5 AMRAP Squat Clean & Jerk (165/110) - Rest 5 Min - 21-15-9 Box Jumps (30/24) Pull Ups Ring Dips

Jan 20 2020

A new week bring a new chance, a new opportunity. What will you do with your chance? Lifting 1x3 at 70%- 75% - 80% 1x2 at 75% - 80% - 85% 1x1 at 80% - 85% - 90% WOD 14 AMRAP 7 Burpees 14 DB Snatches (50/35) 28 Double Unders

Jan 17 2020

Another week down... Time to check in with yourself on your New Year's Progress. Are you sticking to the plan and busting it out? Are you cheating or falling off the wagon? You're not alone. Having a rough go of sticking to your goals? Come ask a coach for some advice! Lift 10x2 Bench Press (75% - 20s Rest) WOD 16 AMRAP 8 HSPU (Sets of 4) 16 Box Jumps (24/20) (Singles) 32 KB Rev Lunges (1.5/1p) (16 Each)

Jan 15 2020

Hacking Self Talk: We all know that our thoughts become our words which become our reality. But each part can play on the other, it's not a direct line. The more often we let one of those parts direct the others the further down that path we go. Our mind is really the simplest. There's POSITIVE and there's NEGATIVE. You can or can't do something. You're happy or sad about whatever. We can use our WORDS hack our thoughts and thus our reality - with caution. Negative words are perceived by the mind in negative ways even if the intention is positive. We can see this when you come to the end of a workout. "Don't Stop" - is a negative phrase and effects you negatively. "Not" and "Stop" ar

Jan 14 2020

Today's going to be a little "play it by ear". The weather is supposed to be pretty nice all day, but it'll cool down in the morning and evening. The workout is designed with RUNNING but also has substitutions in case it's too cold to run. Sub any or all of the workout sections as you require. Rx'd will be either choice. WOD 3 Rounds 200m Run (or 250m Row) 15 OHS (95/65) - Rest 4 Min - 3 Rounds 20 Pull Ups 100m Run (or 50 Double Unders) 10 KB Taters - Rest 4 Min - 3 Rounds 200m Run (or 75 Double Unders) 20 Wallballs 10 T2B

Jan 13 2020

Another week, another chance! Lift 5-4-3-2-1 Front Squat WOD 5 Rounds 15 Deadlifts (225/155) 10 Burpee Box Jumps (30/24)

Jan 10 2020

1 Full week down! So much more opportunity ahead! It's easy to think big picture and long(ish) term. That's why making grand statements about new years resolutions is easy. It's the day to day that's hard. When you get home late, tired from the day, starving, how do you keep yourself on track with your "2020 is going to be my year!" plans? How you respond to adversity is everything in your life. Often times that idea gets thrown around big challenges like a job loss or unexpected life changing whatever. I say that's blown way out of proportion. The vast majority of your life is about how you respond to extremely small and more likely than not bullshit "challenges". - It's late and the k

Jan 9 2020

Past the hump, it's all down hill from here! Time to put in some work! Acc Lifting 3 Rounds 10 Barbell Rows 1 Rnd Push Ups 5s (2 Reps) 14 SLDL 16 DB Hang Snatch (BB Style) WOD 24 AMRAP - Teams of 2 500m Row 40 KBS (1.5/1p) 30 Goblet Squats 20 HSPU **Split Evenly - 1 works 1 rests**

Jan 8 2020

The year is moving right along, make sure you keep up with it! 12OTM 3R: 2 SGDL + 2 HPSn + 1 OHS 3R: 2 Power Snatches + 2 OHS + 1 Squat Snatch 6R: 1 Squat Snatch WOD 2 Rounds 50 Wallballs 25 Power Snatches (75/55) - Rest 4 Min - 2 Rounds 25 OHS (75/55) 35 Push Press (75/55) 50 Lunges

Jan 7 2020

Great start to the new year! It's time to lower your head and keep driving through. 10OTM Alternating 10 OTM - 5 HS Kick Ups + 5 HSPU - 10 T2B + 10 Bar Touches (to be explained at the WOD Brief) WOD 4 Rounds 15 Burpee Box Overs (24/20) 20 Pull Ups 25 WB Sit Ups

Jan 6 2020

Welcome to the first full week of the year! It's time to hit the ground running and live your life with purpose. Take a look at where you are and make a plan to get where you want to be. What will you do with this opportunity? Lift 10RM Back Squat WOD 100 Double Unders 15 C&J (135/95) 75 Double Unders 15 Power Snatches (135/95) 50 Double Unders 15 C&J 25 Double Unders 15 Snatches

Jan 3 2020

Strong start to the year! What have you chosen as your things to accomplish this year? How will you make them happen? Lift 5x3 Bench Press (increasing) Acc Lifts 3 Rounds 8 Barbell Rows (Hvy) 12 SL DL 16 DB Curls WOD 1k Row - Buy In 30-20-10 DB Snatches (50/35) Box Jumps (24/20)

Jan 2 2020

Welcome to a brand new year! The new year always comes with a sense of new beginnings and new opportunities. It's such an inspiring and hopeful time that we often bite off more than we can chew. By Mid February - we're right back to where we finished last year. The Solution? Choose just a small thing to accomplish first. Once it's a habit, about 6wks, do the next thing. Continue making small changes permanent habits and by the end of the year you'll have accomplished a great deal. Here's a challenge to you and some direction: Choose 5 Things you want to change this year. Make them really actionable items - "I want to have more money" doesn't give you anything to do. "I track my weekly

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