Mar 31 2020

Here we go again! Today is just a fun little workout. Move fast, push hard. If you've got a kettlebell you can use it instead of the DBs. Or do the DB Swings with Dumbbells and the Snatches with a KB. Super fun, either way! WOD 50 DB Swings (KBS - 1p/26 - 30/15) 100 Air Squats 100 Hang DB Snatches (Single Arm or KB) 100 Lunges 50 DB Swings (KBS)

Mar 30 2020

Welcome to a brand new week! Let's keep it together and crush this quarantine. BW Strength 3 Rounds 1->3 Push Up 5s (Start 1 Rep each Move, Then 2, Then 3) 20 Cossack Squats 10/10 SL Deadlifts **Add a Rep each round to the Push up 5s** WOD 3 Rounds 75 Double Unders (lateral Jumps) 50 DB Sit Ups (Single DB held in both hands) 25 Push Jerks (95/65/Mod DBs)

Mar 27 2020

One week of isolation down. One to go. We're keeping with it. Are you? Let us know what you need. How MTM can help. Here's what we've done so far: - Loaned out Equipment - Daily Home Workouts - Live ZOOM Workouts so you can WOD with a group and get coaching. Starting Today we're adding a ZOOM Class time at 6:30pm. Next week we're going to start talking about nutrition with a ZOOM nutrition talk. Need something else to stay on track? Just ask. Missing some equipment? Shoot me a note and we'll get you what we can. Need some accountability? Let me know. We're separated by space only. But MTM is still here for you like we always have been. WOD 15 AMRAP 5 Burpee Box Overs (24/20)(Burp

Mar 26 2020

Getting things on track and keep them on track. That's the name of the game. Having trouble getting motivated to work out? Join one of our Zoom Live workouts. Everyone is welcome, bring the family, tell a friend. The more the merrier! DB Acc Work 3 Rounds 30-20-10 Reps (Increase weight if you've got them) Raises Presses Back Flys Upright Rows Good Mornings Hang Squat Cleans WoD 14 OTM - Alternating 2 Turkish Get Ups 15 DB Thrusters (2 DBs - 20/10lbs) <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Mar 25 2020

The LIVE Zoom Workouts yesterday were LEGIT! Nothing will replace the gym in person of course. But what we've put together is really the BEST thing right now. Shoot an email/txt/DM if you can't get it figured out (Or if you need to borrow some equipment). There is NO Reason not to be making the most of this situation. Log In - Follow Along - Get real coaching. It's just like a regular class, but safe for the quarantine, and you don't have to drive to the gym. Get your family involved too! You have NO Excuse. Time to work! 1. Download the App (Zoom Cloud Meetings). 2. Click the link (or enter the meeting Code) 3. Point the camera at where you're working out 4. Follow Dmac's coachin

Mar 24 2020

Starting TODAY we'll be running LIVE Zoom workouts. 1. Download the App (Zoom Cloud Meetings). 2. Click the link (or enter the meeting Code) 3. Point the camera at where you're working out 4. Follow Dmac's coaching. Simple and Sweet We're Running ZOOM Live Workouts 7AM - Code - 614-829-881 (or Click Here: 4:30PM - Code - 894-671-955 (or: Lower Body Lifting 3R: 10/10 Split Squats 10 Drop Squats 10/10 SL Deadlifts <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Mar 23 2020

Lock Down and Zoom Workouts: It's here folks. The full lock down. We'll be completely closed after Monday's schedule. 1x1 Movement Checks are cancelled after tmw. We'll still be posting workouts daily, I'll be reaching out to everyone to see how things are going - that'll likely be through email to start and on a rotating schedule to get through everyone. ZOOM Workouts - Starting Tuesday Morning we're going to be running Zoom Meeting Live Workouts. Download the App - Find a Space to workout in - Set your camera up so coach can see you workout - and BOOM. We're in it! And we'll be running a class just like we would at the gym. Doing that days workout. There will be an email later today

Mar 22 2020

Sunday gym will be open noon to 3 PM. Return enter In preparation for a potential complete shut down by the Ohio government I’m going be at the gym Sunday Noon to 3 PM for anybody that wants to pick up equipment grab a jump rope anything else that you might need in preparation for the possibility of everything being closed down for a couple of weeks. If that happens we’re going to turn our movement checks into zoom one on one meetings. Will have more instructions posted and will contact everybody with how to do that. Will also start Zoom Live Workout class times. We will get together and do the workouts at similar times to our regular classes. Since space won’t be a problem we'll probably

Mar 21 2020

WOD 1>10 wall Climbs 2>20 DB Swings 4>40 air Squats Brief Demo

Mar 20 2020

The weekend is in Sight! We're making it through this. Anyone binge watched a good series on Netflix yet? Lower Body Strength 3 Rounds 20 Back Pack Reverse Lunges (As much Weight as you can get in there!) 20 Cossack Back Pack Squats (Same Weight) 20 Good Mornings (With the Back Pack on or held behind your neck) 20 Tuck Jumps (No Weight) WOD 30 Back Pack Clean & Jerks (at least 40/30lbs) 50 Burpees 100 Double Unders (Lateral Jumps across Back Pack) 50 Sit Ups (no weight) 30 Back Pack Snatches (Same Weight) **Careful with the Snatches. Test them in Advance and Watch the video. Make sure your back pack won't rip and send dumbbells into your tv! If you need, just do 30 more C&J inste

Mar 19 2020

We're getting through this. Hang in there. Stay home if you can. Don't workout with people you don't see regularly. Active Recovery Day Today is about getting movement and recovering. If you haven't done all the previous workouts - time to make one of those up! In no particular order: 10 Min of Jumping Rope (or easy cross crawls / or plate toe touches) 5 Min of Sitting at the bottom of an Air Squat 2 Min on Each Side of the Leg Over Box Stretch (or Pigeon Pose on the ground) 2 Min Each Side of the Couch Stretch (Which we do with abmats against the wall) 30 Min of walking briskly (use an umbrella) 10,000+ Steps (I'll be launching a little challenge about this tmw on IG)

Mar 18 2020

Thanks for everyone helping out! If you didn't get a chance to pick up some equipment, shoot me a note and we'll schedule a time for it! You should have an email this morning about next steps - if you don't, I don't have your email! Shoot me a quick note at and we'll get you added. Lots of new stuff coming! BW Abs 3 Rounds 30 Jack Knives 10 Plank Walks 30 Russian Twists (1 Hvy DB) (Demo Below) WOD 15 AMRAP 40 Jumping Lunges 30 DB Push Jerks 20 DB Deadlifts (Hvy Set) WOD Demo available about 9AM <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-p

Mar 17 2020

MTM AnyWhere We're shooting videos each day for warm ups, the Lift and the WOD. Check here, Youtube, Instagram and here for them! Lift Upper 3 Rounds (light weights dB) 20 presses 20 Back Flys 20 Rows 20 Single Arm Snatch WOD 3 Rounds 100 Double Unders (100 lateral jumps) 20 DB Snatches (competition style from ground) 30 Push Ups

3 Steps To Come

The Government Shut us (and everyone) down. But, we're not abandoning you! We've been building a plan for this eventuality and now we're just going to execute it. It's 3 Steps: Step 1 - SugarWOD - MTM AnyWhere: Download the App, Follow the workouts. This is going to be much more than just tweaks to old workouts - they're designed to be tough and accessible. Each day will have lifting and a Metcon. We're going to be recording and broadcasting videos for each. (I'll also post workouts here on the blog) WOD POSTS - 9PM Content - 9AM Step 2 - Equipment Loans: Starting tomorrow we'll be loaning out equipment needed to do the AnyWhere workouts. Open 9AM - 12PM 4PM - 6PM Step 3 - We'll be sch

Mar 17 2020

THE GYM IS CLOSED TILL FURTHER NOTICE. Sugar WOD and this blog will remain updated.

Mar 16 2020

NO 6:30PM CLASSES - THEN GYM WILL BE CLOSED TILL WE'RE ALLOWED TO OPEN BACK UP. If you're not on SugarWOD or following us on Instagram - you're missing a lot. We're launching MTM ANYWHERE for at home workouts during this coronavirus outbreak. - If you feel SICK - If you care for someone at RISK - If you work with people at RISK - Have the Kids Home From School and can't bring them in Don't come in. Check out SUGARWOD and follow that AT HOME workout. Back Squats 20 Reps - 45s Rest Same Style as the last 2 Weeks Go Heavier than last week WOD 10 AMRAP 6 Burpee Box Overs 9 Thrusters (95/65)

Mar 13 2020

Some weeks feel like they last forever. With the all the news, this is certainly one of them. Time to kick it in high gear and push yourself to the limit. Lift 3x5 Bench Press WOD 6 AMRAP 6 OHS (95/65) 6 Lateral Burpees - Rest 3 Min - 6 AMRAP 12 KBS (1.5/1p) 6 Box Jumps (30/24)

Mar 12 2020

Classes will remain at the usual times and MTM will remain open unless the state or local government mandates a closure. In that unlikely event we already have a plan in place to keep us all working out, healthy, safe, and driving hard towards our summer body goals. While the gym is professionally cleaned twice a week we all need to do our part to make MTM a safe and healthy place to enjoy. I'm breaking this into 2 parts - Must and Should do. MUST DO: - Wash your hands upon entering the gym so you don't track anything in with you. - During class if you Sneeze, Cough, or Wipe your Nose with your hands - go wash your hands. - Wipe Down ALL equipment (including Ropes, Bands, Pull Up Bars,

Mar 11 2020

Awesome work on the run WOD yesterday! It was nice to stretch our legs and we'll be seeing more and more of that as the weather continues to improve. Quick Note: There are now some confirmed Ohio cases of COVID-19. The gym is professionally cleaned and sanitized twice a week as it has been for years. We work hard to make sure the environment is clean and safe for everyone. Here's a couple things you can do to help: - If you're feeling sick (especially the fever and dry cough that COVID-19 presents with) please don't come in to work out. Your body needs rest and recovery anyway and more stress from a tough workout won't help you "sweat it out" any faster. - Please think about where you'r

Mar 9 2020

Welcome to a brand new week! Back Squats 30 Reps - 45s Between Sets 5-20lbs heavier than last week WOD 15 AMRAP 100m Run 2+2 Squat Clean Thursters (135/95) 4+4 Pull Ups

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